Cult Mechanicus

Entry 3.
So I went to the tournament and honestly it didn't go well, not well at all.

Game 1 vs Grey Knights.
I won the roll to go first and set everything up. My opponent then stole the initiative and using his special rules for his formation basically Deep Striked everything next to my army and blew most of it away in turn 1. It was at this point I got the face, you know that face some gamers get when they start losing. It's bad, but I hadn't even moved or touched a dice and half my army had gone.

I tried my best and to be fair I took out a lot of his army but his Draigo star was untouchable and it was just a case of seeing out the result.

Game 2 vs Dark Angels.
This kinda went the way of the first one. The guy had an army with a ton of free transports which is annoying. First turn he had a drop pod come in and a flamer Dreadnought come out which again got rid of the best pat of a couple of units. This puts me on the back foot again. As with the first game I made a decent fight of it but he had so many scoring units that I just couldn't score wrought points. One of the Knights when down pretty early again and it was just really hard for me to get back from that.

Game 3 vs Tau.
I won this one but it wasn't really a test of the army. The guy was in the same position as me, wasn't having a good day and his army wasn't great against mine. he only had a few big models which I managed to get rid off pretty quick with the Grav, but he wasn't really trying as I think he was in bad mood like me.

Conclusions - The army performed like I expected but on a larger scale.What I mean by this was I didn't expect to win any games because it was a rushed together army and list and I know it lacked the numbers and ability to score objectives. What I didn't expect was to get smashed. Now I have to confess it did come back well, but after the first turn in both games I knew I was onto a loser. There were some things I know I did wrong and I know there were some rules that I forgot but with two Knights I expected to do a lot better.

So it's kinda back to the drawing board a little bit, I know I need to some numbers so am going to stick together a Battle Congregartion or whatever the formation is called. It will contain a Knight, some Cult Mech and some Skitarii for numbers. I want to look at the addition of the Flesh Tearers formation so that I can take Drop Pods but it doesn't feel right to me from a fluff perspective so might not bother with that one. One thing I do need to build a defence for is things dropping in on me in turn one as that was a real killer in both games.

Well that's it for the first tourney. Some harsh lessons learnt, but the one thing I do need to watch is getting the face on because that is no fun for anyone.

Entry 2 - Tournement Tactics. 
This weekend I will be attending a tournement with my Cult Mechanicus list. I would like to say I put in a great deal of thought when it came to tactics but I am not sure that my style of list is that deep. O am sure there are some very tactical things you can do with the Cult Mechanicus but at present, I haven't got that far.

My plan is essentially put models on the board with large guns and blow the crap out of the other guy. The list is: -
HQ - Dominus.
3 Units of Destoryers (2 Units with Grav and 1 Unit with Plasma).
2 Units of Breachers both with Arc
A Knight Paladin
A Knight Errant

It's small but shoots. I originally had a unit of Robots in, but that was when the list was 1850 and as this tourney is 1750 I couldn't quite get them in, so a second Knight it was.

Hopefully I can shoot everything off the table before I get hit with close combat. I will struggle to win on points/objectives as well. I am not sure this is the greatest list but it was put together in quick time. I will see how it goes and then refine from there. I have played a couple of Khorne Daemonkin lists and I very nearly wiped them both out just losing on objective points in the end. I will be interested to see how it goes against a snooty Tau or Guard gun line.

Entry 1.
So I have begun a Cult and this Cult is of the Mechanicus variety. It started off as a little 500 point army for a local event but then it turned into one of those projects, those projects that begin with - "Mmm I only need to add X, Y and Z and I will have a 1500 point army". Of course it never stops there does it because you play with it and then you want a different unit etc.

So I started out with 500 points and this weekend I will be taking part in a 1750 event. The army actually came into existence petty quickly as there aren't really that many models (so far).

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