Year of Convergence of Cyriss (CoC). 

For the next year my Warmachine focus is going to be on the Convergence. I picked them up as a faction a while ago but haven't played them a lot so this year I am going to speed the majority of my efforts on them and will use them in any tournaments.

Casters wise I will defiantly be using Iron Mother Directrix. A great model and some interesting tactical options. For my second caster I am torn between Lucant and Syntherion. I will play a few games with both and then figure out which I like the most.

Current Record - Won 4 - Lost 5.

Game 9 - Vs Khador (Won on Scenario and Assassination).
So this was my first MKIII game. Rick was using Harkevich with a truck load of Jacks and I was using Iron Mother with her new Theme list. My list wasn't really any different to my existing list but it seemed to work a lot better. Of course the fact that my opponent had a load of Jacks played right into my hands. I got Backlash out early and just plinked off wounds. I managed to smash a couple of his Jacks with my colossal and the TEP smashed up his infantry. I used the Servitors to get objectives and on my winning turn I captured both objectives to win the scenario and I could have also taken Harks last two life as well, so could have won either way.

The new theme is awesome, with all the servitors having Shield Guard I can keep all my hitter units alive to do their thing, so even if all the Servitors do get killed by the time that happens his stuff is so depleted that my big hitters can just com in and one shot stuff. Its a real step up.

Game 8 - Vs Cryx (Lost on Scenario)
This time I was facing of against Terminus and a bunch of infantry. I took Lucant again but this time I swapped in the BattleEngine (TEP) for one of my Jacks. I had been using an Inverter and a Cypher but with Lucants low RAT the Cypher is pointless. I am still learmning Lucant and he is very much a Brick caster which means in certain scenarios you have to play really clever to get the win. My opponent took a 4-0 lead really early mainly because Cryx are super fast and made a bit of a mess of movement. But Lucant did what he does and Bricked up, feated, shield wall etc and took pretty much most of his army out and was three wounds away from killing Terminus before he killed my objective for the final VP.

It was a great game and I played well so didn't mind losing. I had a couple of rubbish wound rolls on Terminus but otherwise I reckon I would have got him. What really did me in was during the mid game I switched between trying to get VPs and trying to kill Terminus, after going 4-0 down early on I should have just tried to focus on one win conviction but instead switched between them during the game. If I had just focused on killing Terminus I think I could have won. What I need to watch in the future is preventing my opponent taking an early lead as it's very difficult to come back from.

Gane 7 - Vs Cryx (Won by assassination). 
I love CoC again. I tried a new caster (finally). I have been hearing on a lot of Podcasts that Lucant is considered the best caster in CoC. I read his card and I couldn't really see it. Had a game with him and I like him. Not sure its about him but him in combination with the army.

I took a traditional 35 point list all models with decent ARM and Shield Wall so that in Feat turn they are basically indestructible along with a couple of Enigma Foundries to get the guys back when they die. I was worried that when I got hit with the Alpha strike it would mash me but with Shield Wall and Feat I lost very little and then what I did lose I could bring back. I just ground out the win, It got to the point that I had killed most of his stuff and he had nothing to protect the caster. He could have stayed back and I would have won on scenario but he came forward so I just hit the caster in the face.

My army didn't cause a lot of damage each turn, it just chips away but as I was bringing stuff back each turn his loses add up and as I got ahead in models it gets gradually worse each turn. At the end of game I had pretty much killed his whole list but my dead pile only had a couple of models in.

I liked the list and look forward to trying it out at 50 pts.

Game 6 - Vs Cygnar (Won by assassination). 
So after having a bit of a falling out with my CoC army I went and played Khador for a bit. I competed in a tournament and also a long running Steam Roller comp at the club which I managed to win. So now I am back to try and get a grip of these fellas.

I went into this game with a new model the Transfinite Emergence Projector (TEP). This is the CoC Battle Engine. I used Mother again, Tier 4 and I also took the Prime Axiom. The rest of the army was made up of Servitors. I was again going for the tactic of getting Backlash onto a Jack and then just hitting it with the Servitors to damage the caster. This worked to a degree but what I didn't pay attention to was the fact that I was hitting the Journeyman Warcasters Jack and not Siege. Again the Servitors went down very easily and I didn't have enough to actually finish the job on the Caster. Of course Cygnar is all about the shooting and my army defiantly doesn't like being shot at. What did work well was the TEP and the PA. The TEP just murdered units, that thing is awesome. The PA also took out a Jack and did a bunch of damage and in the end got the Caster kill with a drag and smash.

What this game showed me is that although I was trying to get the caster kill with the servitors the fact that I am trying to do this means that my opponent focuses on killing the Servitors and doesn't put any damage onto the TEP or the PA. He also worries about the fact that his Warcaster is taking hits. So although the Servitors go down quickly it allows the TEP and PA to deal with the rest of the army. If the opponent goes after the the TEP or the PA then he risks his caster getting pincushioned to death. I enjoyed playing this list and even though all my Servitors were pretty much gone at the end of the game and if you looked at the table you would think I had little left the TEP and PA were untouched and in total control, he had no answer to them. As long as charge lanes were blocked they were pretty safe and could advance and destroy units at will. I could have won on Scenario or by Caster kill. So I think I need to worry less about the Servitors going down and not focus so much on trying to kill through Backlash but just role with the game as it happens.

Game 5 - Vs Menoth (lost by assassination). 
Arrrhh. Again my own fault, I moved up way too quick and allowed my opponent to get into me. This meant that my plan collapsed and I had to move to deal with that. The Avatar got close and was sucking everyone in so I had to deal with that two, I just didn't think about my placement and allowed my oppo to dictate the game. More lessons learned.

Game 4 - Vs Menoth (lost by Scenario).
With the Choir putting no shooting and no magic on his Jacks my plan was basically nullified from the beginning. I really had no answer an struggled with what to do. He feed the PA infantry models to keep it busy and in the end I just lost on scenario, although he could have easily assassinated me as well.

Game 3 - Vs Cryx pDeny (lost by assassination).
When I looked at this army across the table I knew I was onto a loser. He had three jacks all that were Def15, my Rat5 Servitors were not going to be able to hit. The mistake I made was not thinking around the alternatives. He had a bunch of Banes which I could have shoot but didn't. I did ok with Mother in that I removed a fair few of the Banes with spells but ultimately I couldn't hit anything and got smashed.

Game 2 - Vs Khador pButcher (lost by assassination).
All my worst fears came true in this game. I think I made one major mistake in this game (which I will change for the next one) which caused me to lose. I was way too agressive with my Servitors and moved them up fast to try and start tagging his Jack but with his assassin unit and Widowmakers he managed to Alpha strike the Servitors and he took out too many for me to put up a decent fight. He also took out the Prime Axiom on his Feat turn which given the Butchers Feat and certain units is perfectly doable.

So lessons - don't be so agressive, or in a rush to start on the Jacks.
Potentially need to change the list to deal with infantry as they caused me a specific issue.

Game 1Vs Khador pScorcha (win by assassination). 
My Mother list is built for the assassination but also has some redundancy so if that doesn't work it can hold out. There are also multiple assassination options. However it won't win the attrition game. It relies on casting Backlash onto a Jack and then each turn just shooting the jack with Elimination Servitors each turn and when they start to run out going in with Accretion Servitors. They only do one point of damage to the Jack but each of those points also takes a point off the caster. Of course the list isn't going to work so great against Hordes. The Prime Axiom is the main Jack and is a massive threat all round, its probably one of the best Colossals in the game.

In this game the plan worked a treat. Backlash on a jack and then just two turns of Servitor hits and Scorcha went down.

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