Year of Daemons.

This page will detail the progress of my 40K Nurgle Daemon army.

Current Record - Won 4 - Lost 4.

Game 8 1850pts Vz Khorne Daemonkin (Loss 14-8).

This was first game with the Daemons against the Daemonkin list. I thought I would do better but this list had a couple of suprises that I wasn't expecting. So my list is very much designed to win on scenario and to do the majority of damage with hard hittin close combat units which generally works pretty well. The issue here is that his list was way better at close combat than mine was.

I managed to do a lot of damage to him on my initial charges, I smashed up a couple of his Engines with the Screamers, choked a unit of Hounds with my Flies and destroyed it over a few turns. I also managed to knock his bike units out pretty quick and I took an early lead in VP's. We were playing the scenario which allows both players to score points on objectives even if the other player holds the card, Tom managed to get a few points this way which would not have changed the results but it would have been closer.

What did the damage was his Bloodthirster. It was the one that had a massive D weapon axe. He charged my Great Unclean One and took it out in one turn. I charged it with a bunch of PlagueBearers to try and poison it to death but couldn't make it. His army also gets better the more stuff dies and towards the end game this really makes a difference. I was losing things and he was getting better, thats never good.

I don't think I did anything wrong in particular and the army composition was good. It was just one of those games where both are armies were close combat focused, just his was better. I think my tactics were sound but I do need to think of a way to deal with the Bloodthirster or to better protect my large Daemons from getting smashed up. I did leave Great Unclean One exposed to it mainly because I thought a T10 W6 GUO would survive, but when you are being hit with a D weapon the tough value means nothing.

Game 7 1500pts Vs Tau (Won 5-0).
I have been having a bit of a break from 40K so it was nice to get back into it. This Tau army was a little different in that it had two of the Forge World large battle suits. These were classed as Monstrous Creatures so I wasn't totally sure how to kill them. I went with a bit of a different army too. Instead of all Nurgle I used two Tzeentch Heralds (one on disc and one in a chariot) and also a squad of Screamers and Horrors. I also started with a unit of Flies on the table (rather than summoning) and a unit of Beasts. It was a fairly solid win in the end as I managed to dominate all the bases to prevent him being able to obtain object cards (mission 2) as well as scoring myself but I did make a couple of mistakes. I sacrificed one Herald early in the game to get a Bloodthirster out, I should have waited a turn or two to allow me to keep the dice to summon. I think I should have picked Demonology for the Horrors and the GUO as well, once a couple of the Heralds went down I was lacking in summoning power. As I didn't have Daemon Princes which would have given me two other models to have Demonology giving the Horrors and GUO one other powers didn't leave me many models with the ability to summon and this hurt when I sacrificed one Herald for the Bloodthirster and then one got shot. The Screamers didn't seem to do much for me but their speed is fantastic, and to be honest I am not sure what the point of the Chariot for the Herald is although its a really nice model.

So some points well learned. This is what I really like about the Daemon army in that there is a lot of stuff thats viable and its fun trying to work out the best combinations.

Game 6 1850pts Vs Tyrannids (Lost 18-9). 
So having started off on a good winning streak things are going a bit tits up. I always seem to have a hard time with Nids, they are my bogey army. The flying Hive Tyrant really smashed me up pretty much taking out Ku'gath in one turn of shooting. Even though he has a really high toughness the fact that he only has a 5+ Inv save isn't great when he gets hit with tons of strength 6 shots. Not really sure how to deal with this, there isn't much more I can give the big monsters in terms of defence other than Scared Ground spell. I did have a couple crap rolls on the Soul Grinder and my DP got hit by a Prime with an Instant Death weapon which wasn't good. He also managed to knock out a bunch of my Heralds early game which limited my summoning.

It was a bit of a disappointing game in a way as I felt I didn't really compete, I was on the defensive all the time. I am also still having a bit of a love hate relationship with Daemons Princes, they can hit like a freight train but if you are not careful they can go down easy and they are pushing 300 points, thats a lot of points out of your 1500 point army. I might look at some unit types that throw out more attacks for the points.

So conclusions at the moment is that the army works well against fairly static Marine/Tau/Necrons. Seems to struggle against higher numbers with harder hitting units like Bikes and Nids. I will review a bit I think.

Game 5 1500pts - Vs Blood Angels (Lost 11-2).
This was my first real thumping. It was good to test the army out against this type of army and hopefully I will be able to learn from it. I have to admit I was really stumped in this one. The army was basically two large units of Bikes, two large units of Death Company and two Dreads in Drop Pods (and some other bits). He dropped the Dreads in turn one and with their Assault2 flamers and extra flamers they managed to burn off nearly both my units and a Herald. It took me two full turns to get rid of them, they were a real pain. During these two turns my summoning wasn't great and the rest of his fast army was on me. Daemon Princes are hard but when they get hit by a large unit of Death Company its game over. I really had no idea what to do. In this game the lack of units at the start hurt me and also the lack of decent combat units and template shooting. His army was the perfect answer to mine and I didn't know how to play it. The two Dreads dropping in at the start were a real pain to deal with. Even with the "touch of rust" rule on the Plaguebearers they took ages to get rid of.

I am still thinking on how best to deal with this kind of army and I am still not sure I have the answer. Maybe a large Cav type unit of my own would help. Not sure, but its something I will be giving a lot of though too.

Whilst the small army with high summoning works well, it seems that you have to get the balance right between ability to summon and models on the table at the start of the game and its this balance I think I need to look at a bit more.

Game 4 1500pts - Vs Ravenwing (Lost 18-16). 
This was an interesting game, and my first loss. So let me get the excuses out of the way first. Paul (long time friend) got lucky with a couple of objectives cards and racked up some points early (it can happen in Maelstrom games, and I have certainly benefited from good objectives cards before). Paul was also very jammy with a couple of rolls to kill off a Daemon Prince.

But I certainly did a few things wrong and this kind of army is defiantly a problem for me - its mobile and that is what hurt me. What I wish I had in this game was a Soul Grinder, so after thinking Daemon Princes were the way to go I know that I could have done with a pie plate shot in there somewhere. He had two big bike units (one of which he committed too early) that could have run around pretty much at will as I didn't have any way of catching them once the DP's went down. I think I put all my eggs in one very small basket and in this game it hurt me as once I lost a few Heralds I was struggling to get my guys back on the table through summoning.

In this game I could have done with a unit of Chaos Hounds or something fast to help me out. I love the Nurgle theme but I think if I want to be competitive I may need to think about some other Gods to give me a hand.

Game 3 1850pts - Vs Tau (win 20-1). 
Another game against a shooting army and things seemed to work out. I went with a different build this time, I used two detachments so I could include Ku'garth as an extra HQ choice. Otherwise the list was a standard(ish) build. I was really lucky that in turn one I rolled a double 6 on the Warp Storm table which allowed me to deep strike a Plaguebearer unit right in front of an objective and the Tau lines. Turn two I could then deep strike my Greater Daemon right in front of the Tau. Summoning was fairly average but this still allowed me several extra units which allowed me to push up the table. Ku'garth got to the Tau lines by turn 3 and managed to cause some havoc. I took Ku'garth mainly because he has a shooting attack which my army doesn't have but it wasn't that effective.

I think both armies from my last two games suffered from being too static. What my army does is give you some really hard targets to hit whilst flooding the table with Plaguebearers. If the opponent just tries to take out the hard stuff they just get swamped. What my last two opponents didn't do was move and that makes it really easy for me to get to them with more stuff than I started with and then grind them down. I scored really high in this game as I got all six objectives netting me around 8VPs on the last turn of the game purely as I had so many units on the table. I am looking forward to trying this army out against something that moves around, Eldar or something Mech. Will be interesting to see if the army can handle it. What I have noticed is that if I spread my Heralds and DPs around then I can summon things all over the board so even if I am facing a mobile army I should never be too far away from it.

Still debating the two Daemon Prince or one Daemon Prince/Soulgrinder. Have played the Soulgrinder for a couple of games so will try the two Daemon Princes for a couple of games.

Game 2 2000pts - Vs Imperial Guard (win 11-5). 
This was another scary game, the army across the table from me fielded a lot of tanks with lot of big pie plate guns. I tweaked the list a bit, dropping one DP and adding in a Soul Grinder and boosting up the psychic levels to 15. I also had some Chaos Space Marine allies to get up to 2000pts. Spells wise I only got 1 of the Herald summoning and 1 of the Plague Flies spell however every Herald and the GUO had the boosting Inv Saves, so that came in useful.

The first couple of turns did not go well, I lost the one Herald that could summon Heralds and a bunch of troops. The Rhino that the Plague Marines in also went along with both their Metla-gun carrying guys. The IG went a few points up early and the summoning wasn't going well. From the third turn things started to go better although I lost the DP early to Las-gun fire which hurt. I had managed to get a couple of summoned Fly units up the table which started taking out tanks, the GUO managed to get into the main guard formation and things turned around. I had managed to summon a load of Plaguebearers and then managed to have the turn where I got a good bunch of objectives and managed to score a load of points. I had pushed so high up the table and managed to summon a load of units that the IG were stuck in their deployment zone and couldn't really move to score anything. It was a close game and if a few objective cards had gone the other way then the result may have been different. I think Tom hadn't played the new Daemons either so wasn't really sure how to handle them, I think next time he will be a bit wiser and move around a bit more.

Learnings - I need to be more careful where I place my Heralds that aren't in a squad. I lost a couple to careless placement. I am still undecided on the DP/Soul Grinder question. The Soul Grinder didn't do much in this game, although it was able to take some hits by just sitting in terrain and these a hits that could have been targeting the GUO and DP. So I will stick with it for the time being. In this game the Flies were also amazing and I might get another three.

Game 1 1500pts - Vs Necrons (win 16 - 0)
I played a game against a Necron army at my club in Hemel. I went with the total psycher version, 4 Heralds, 2DP's, 1GUO and a couple of units of Troops. I was going for total summoning. the first two turns were nerve racking as I was worried about the amount of shooting taking the Necrons had taking out my HQ's, any loss in psychic levels would cause me an issue later. Once the DP's got stuck in and the summoned units started building up I slowly started to take control. It worked because I was destroying his units but also summoning my units so I was just winning on body count and could just rack up the points on objectives.

Conclusions - in theory the total summoning army works well, of course this is one game, but it was a  shooting army and shooting armies are what I fear the most. I did feel I lacked some shooting as I literally have none and some would help. Currently my opponent has free rein to move where he likes as I won't be shooting him so it allows him the advantage until my units can get to close combat range. I am going to try dropping one of the DP's to fit in a couple of Soul Grinders. I may also consider Ku'Garth as an option as he has a great shooting attack. I feel a couple of shooting options will allow me some board control and some cover for my combat troops.

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